We understands the privacy of your information that you provide us and work hard to keep that safe without any fear of disclosing a secret. Our privacy policy keeps the entire thing very clear as well as reveals the fact that how a third party company works to maintain your privacy. Here, we have mentioned that what kind of information we need from you.

Information we need:-

We require tour personal information that includes your First name, Last name, Phone Number, E-mail Address, Postal Address so that we can identify the users and/or contact the person whenever it is required.

We also need the payment information such as user’s credit or debit card information at the time of purchase of our services. This is necessary to facilitate the user while doing online payment and help to make a detail of transactions.

These are the basic information we need from the end of a user so that we can build a relationship between users and us. We also give the confirmation through emails to make the user satisfied from our side. We also give remote services to give users more comfort.